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Privacy Statement

Jackie Brown Medical take privacy and confidentiality extemely seriously. We strive to surpass all legal requirements.

Jackie Brown Medical do however acknowledge that passing information over the internet by means of email or upload is not 100% secure. We have taken all reasonable precautions to safeguard any data that you may pass to us (eg your Curriculum Vitae) but we accept no liability for any information that is intercepted while passing from you to our website or from our website to us, or from us to any company we present you to. To limit risks to your personal data we do not store any of your information online.

Jackie Brown Medical will never take any action with your information without obtaining your permission first. This means that should you send us your CV, even if it is to apply for a specific job, we will not send that CV to any third parties without obtaining your consent first. In the very unlikely event of staff error leading to any of your information leaking to a third party we do not accept liability for any damages incurred.

We would like to advise you that under the data protection act it is necessary for a recruitment agency to obtain your expressed permission before sending your CV forward to any company. The act of applying can be taken to mean that you are giving consent. Jackie Brown Medical do not believe that this goes far enough. We strongly advise that you make it clear to any agency you deal with that you will give expressed permission to pass on your CV on a job by job basis. Further to this, while they may hold your CV on file they may not send it to any other company without seeking your permission on each occasion. Put this in writing. For more information on using recruitment agencies please see our Using Recruitment Agencies Advice page.

When you submit your information to us we hold it on our database and also in encrypted web accessible backup. You have the right to request its removal at any time. We will then remove it within one working week.

A variety of forms on our site collect information. Most information is obvious but we also collect IP addresses on some forms. This information is only used to block or report spam or abuse or other activities that we find questionable or feel may pose a risk to our sites security.

Jackie Brown Medical also collect information for the purpose of statistical analysis.

It is possible to browse this site without giving us any personal information (Name, Telephone, Email, CV etc.). It is not possible to browse this site without us collecting general user information which may include, but is not limited to, such information as your IP address, which site you navigated to us from and your path through this site. This information is used for statistical analysis, for example, in google analytics.

If you should find something on this site that you would like further clarification on please visit our contact page and talk to us about it.