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Radiographer jobs | MRI Radiographer - Cork

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Our client is currently seeking a MRI Radiographer - Cork, located in Cork, Cork City. This particular job may be suitable for a Radiographer. This is just one of the Radiographer jobs available at Jackie Brown Medical Ltd. If you think this job would be of interest to you then please read the following job description and fill out the job application form or contact us for further details.

Job Description:

MRI Radiographer - Cork

Essential Requirements -

  • CORU Registration
  • 2 years' experience in MRI
  • Experience in a large hospital setting
  • Living in or near Cork

Contact: Jackie Brown on 01 2016363 or by email at

Thank you for choosing Jackie Brown Medical - Recuiters in all fields for Medical or Healthcare based companies in Ireland.

Quick Job Overview

Job Type:
Radiographer jobs

Job Title:
MRI Radiographer - Cork

Job Reference:

Job Category(s):
Medical Professionals & Healthcare,
Medical Professionals & Healthcare

May be suitable for:


Cork, Cork City

Employment type:
Permanent Full-Time

Third Level Degree

Minimum Experience:
2 - 3 Years

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Last updated on:

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