Among the best in the World

“Irish Surgeons are among the best in the world, Professor Traynor of the RCSI says. Due to a lack of adequate surgical training posts, it seems Irish trainee doctors have been pushed to greener pastures in a search for sufficient experience elsewhere. This has helped them to join the best … Continue reading

R&D at UCD

The preeminence of R&D at UCD is very much in evidence and globally renown. Despite the shortcomings of the current government and its recent track record on the economy, its long term investment  strategy in relation to R&D appears to be on target. €14.8m is being invested over the next five years … Continue reading

Grab your job with both hands!

Hi guys, We are getting calls every day currently from people who are trying to change jobs or change career and our advice right now as employment is so insecure, whatever job you have right now, grab it with both hands! This is not the time to change career direction … Continue reading

HR & Recruitment join forces…..

I am delighted to see the merging of the two professions in the shape of  the HR & Recruitment Ireland website. For too long now, the two professions have been separated. We are all too familiar with separate HR and Recruitment departments in large organisations. As a Fellow of the CIPD … Continue reading