Major breakthrough in cause of blindness

Irish scientists have made a major breakthrough in relation to a disease which is one of the most common causes of blindness in Ireland.( AMD (age-related macular degeneration) affects central vision, making it blurry. Central vision is necessary for everyday activities such as reading, driving and watching television. The condition … Continue reading

Will a Science Education better your job chances?

More and more Irish believe science education will guarantee you a job Some 78pc of Irish people agree that young people interested in science have a better chance of landing a job than those that don’t. A new Eurobarometer survey shows that more than three-quarters (77pc) of Europeans think that … Continue reading

Fart – it’s Friday!!

Fart – it’s Friday!   Lower your Blood Pressure and pass wind!  It seems that flatulence/breaking wind, or otherwise – farting – lowers blood pressure. We all know that keeping ‘wind’ in only leads to pain, raises the blood pressure and increases abdominal pressure. There is relief in passing wind! Researchers … Continue reading

Follow the money!

Follow the money! A maxim often quoted in recruitment when looking for the areas of activity where recruitment is taking place. At present it certainly appears that the medical device manufacturing industry is ploughing ahead in new Research and Investment Projects across Ireland. Where as the beleagured construction industry is … Continue reading

Further Investment by Pfizer in R&D

Further Investment by Pfizer in R&D at their Cork facility confirms Ireland as being a competitive and attractive  site for foreign direct investment. Over €11 Million is being invested at the Ringaskiddy Process Development Center (PDC)  plant. This facility will be a center for research and development centering on advanced manufacturing … Continue reading

The Appliance Of Science

The Appliance Of Science by Irish Engineers and Scientists is not to be underestimated and should be a beacon to those who have followed in their wake. More so today in a time where jobs have been outsourced to cheaper locations overseas for example from manufacturers such as Dell who have … Continue reading