Will a Science Education better your job chances?

More and more Irish believe science education will guarantee you a job Some 78pc of Irish people agree that young people interested in science have a better chance of landing a job than those that don’t. A new Eurobarometer survey shows that more than three-quarters (77pc) of Europeans think that … Continue reading

New iKnife can detect cancerous tissue

A new surgical knife can detect in seconds whether tissue being cut is cancerous by analysing biological information and comparing the findings to a database of biological data from tumours and healthy tissue. Researchers at London’s Imperial College have built the iKnife, which can potentially help surgeons perform more accurate … Continue reading

Fart – it’s Friday!!

Fart – it’s Friday!   Lower your Blood Pressure and pass wind!  It seems that flatulence/breaking wind, or otherwise – farting – lowers blood pressure. We all know that keeping ‘wind’ in only leads to pain, raises the blood pressure and increases abdominal pressure. There is relief in passing wind! Researchers … Continue reading

CAO points for Medicine are up again

                      According to the Irish Medical Times, the points requirement for undergraduate medicine is up again, following the recent initial round of Central Applications Office offers for third-level courses.  Trinity is up 10 to 741, the RCSI is also up 10 to … Continue reading

Choose Wisely with your Sales Career!

Choose wisely when it comes to applying for jobs in these times. With dole queues out the door and numbers of unemployment rising, it is understandable that getting back to work is the ultimate goal. But be careful what you send your CV forward for as it may prove fruitless. Choose … Continue reading

New Asprin in Trinity School of Pharmacy

Trinity School of Pharmacy have been working on a new form of Aspirin. Aspirin , by nature, has been used as a preventative action against heart attacks, blood clots and strokes, but the acidic ingredients have been known to lead to stomach ulcers and bleeding. The dominant cause of this … Continue reading

Jackie Brown Medical Expands Once Again

Jackie Brown Medical are proud to announce further growth. Experienced Medical and Science Recruiter Elaine Lambert has just joined our team here at Jackie Brown Medical. Elaine comes to us from Techstaff International Ltd where she specialized in Science Recruitment, specifically Environmental Science recruitment. While at Techstaff, Elaine built up a fantastic … Continue reading

The Appliance Of Science

The Appliance Of Science by Irish Engineers and Scientists is not to be underestimated and should be a beacon to those who have followed in their wake. More so today in a time where jobs have been outsourced to cheaper locations overseas for example from manufacturers such as Dell who have … Continue reading