Assertive Job Seekers get pay off!

For any job seekers out there, we have some recent evidence of persistence paying off! Assertive job seekers are getting their pay off. Job seekers are a vulnerable group as it is a worrying time for anyone, either you have recently lost a job or are not happy in your … Continue reading

Candidates need to be handled with care……..

I just received a phone call from a Candidate who told me that she had e-mailed her CV into a particular agency and had followed up with several phone calls but had not received a response. Her self-esteeem had been affected by this greatly as she believed the reason she … Continue reading

HSE Job Cuts in 2009

In 2008 the HSE made cuts that saved them €280 million.  The effects on the people working on the ground were certainly felt.  The prospect of job cuts was particularly frightening for a population that had become very used to the Celtic Tiger.  Pharmacist had a lucky reprieve after the … Continue reading