The Honest Recruiter?

The Honest Recruiter? No matter how the market is performing in Recruitment, there is never any excuse for dishonesty. Unfortunately, we have had alot of comments made to us from our job seekers about the level of dishonesty in the Recruitment market in recent times. Most common complaints – Advertising … Continue reading

Candidates need to be handled with care……..

I just received a phone call from a Candidate who told me that she had e-mailed her CV into a particular agency and had followed up with several phone calls but had not received a response. Her self-esteeem had been affected by this greatly as she believed the reason she … Continue reading

The Recruitment Consultant is your Medical Sales expert

Be aware all medical sales job seekers that the Recruitment Consultant is your best friend. This person will find you the most suitable medical sales job for you but this relationship as in all relationships works both ways! The more information¬† you give your Recruitment Consultant on what type of … Continue reading