Who and what on earth are the NRF?

Who and what on earth are the NRF? And what is the Code of Conduct and what has it to do with you? It doesn’t matter what type job you are looking for ie: Medical Jobs, Nursing Jobs – you want the Recruitment Agency you use to conduct themselves in … Continue reading

What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?!

What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?! In a nutshell – the Recruitment Process There are about 20 stages within this process, but we will outline the main ones. The aim of the Recruitment Process is to ensure the existence of the best possible pool of suitable qualified applicants from … Continue reading

Calling all our Medical Job Seekers

As you are currently in the Medical jobs market in Ireland, it is very important you are aware of the Recruitment ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines This is to ensure if you are using a Recruitment Agency that you are being treated in the most professional manner and being correctly represented using … Continue reading

Reason for Leaving

One of the most common questions Employers ask when they see a job seekers Curriculum Vitae (CV) is their reason for leaving their current or last job. We advise regularly on CV writing to our job seekers and this is an area we cannot emphasise enough. It is essential on … Continue reading

The Honest Recruiter?

The Honest Recruiter? No matter how the market is performing in Recruitment, there is never any excuse for dishonesty. Unfortunately, we have had alot of comments made to us from our job seekers about the level of dishonesty in the Recruitment market in recent times. Most common complaints – Advertising … Continue reading

What motivates a Company to choose a Recruitment Agency?

What motivates a company to choose a Recruitment Agency? Some might consider cost should be the single prime decider. However, this is a questionable basis for making an important decision; ask yourself, how safe would you feel if you chose cheap tyres for your family car! Therefore client companies tend to consider more than the simple cost of provision of … Continue reading

It’s not all bad news?

Its not all bad news on the jobs market. IDA Ireland have announced in the past month alone a number of new expansion and investments by major multinational clients involved in Pharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D, software production, customer and financial services who will be creating several hundred science jobs  over the next … Continue reading

The best way to get a job is…

The best way to get a job is no longer definable.  I would even say that spending any time wondering about the best way to get a job is a waste of effort. Let’s clear up some confusion. It used to be simple.  You read the small ads in the … Continue reading