Choose Wisely with your Sales Career!

Choose wisely when it comes to applying for jobs in these times. With dole queues out the door and numbers of unemployment rising, it is understandable that getting back to work is the ultimate goal. But be careful what you send your CV forward for as it may prove fruitless. Choose … Continue reading

New Asprin in Trinity School of Pharmacy

Trinity School of Pharmacy have been working on a new form of Aspirin. Aspirin , by nature, has been used as a preventative action against heart attacks, blood clots and strokes, but the acidic ingredients have been known to lead to stomach ulcers and bleeding. The dominant cause of this … Continue reading

Pharmacy applications fall by over 25% in 2010

Pharmacy applications fall by over 25% this year. Although a growing number of school leavers are choosing Science careers, Pharmacy has taken a hit. According to the CAO, there are 2 students racing for every 1 college place next Autumn. The CAO have only received 280 applications for the 3 … Continue reading

The body’s “energy factories”……

Here’s something I thought you health gurus would like to read about…. Your body is made of billions of cells. Each cell contains a certain amount of mirochondria, which are bean-shaped structures that produce energy by converting fat, carbohydrate and protein into ATP (adenosine triphosphate)- energy in its stored form. … Continue reading