Our Nursing Home standards need improving

Over 400 inspections of nursing homes were carried out in 2015, half of which were unannounced, a new report has shown. The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has just published its 2015 Overview Report on the Regulation of Designated Centres for Older People. It shows that last year, 577 … Continue reading

HSE Nursing Homes can charge over €2,000 per week

Nursing homes run by the HSE are charging weekly fees of up to €2,139, it emerged yesterday, according to the Irish Independent. However, it remains unclear how much an elderly person who needs to be admitted to one of these homes will have to pay if they have not been … Continue reading

A Fair Deal?

A Fair Deal it seems will now end up costing more than originally planned according to the latest Performance Report from the HSE. In May, there was a trend showing a marked increase in Private Nursing Home payments. A total of €16.6 million was spent on this scheme in May bringing … Continue reading

Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI’s)

Right now there are 1.4 million people worldwide suffering from Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s). What is a HAI?  Healtcare Associated Infections are infections that are picked up while receiving treatment for some other condition.  This is usually in a hospital setting, but is not confined to hospitals alone.  Doctors Surgeries, … Continue reading