What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?!

What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?! In a nutshell – the Recruitment Process There are about 20 stages within this process, but we will outline the main ones. The aim of the Recruitment Process is to ensure the existence of the best possible pool of suitable qualified applicants from … Continue reading

Calling all our Medical Job Seekers

As you are currently in the Medical jobs market in Ireland, it is very important you are aware of the Recruitment ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines This is to ensure if you are using a Recruitment Agency that you are being treated in the most professional manner and being correctly represented using … Continue reading

Reason for Leaving

One of the most common questions Employers ask when they see a job seekers Curriculum Vitae (CV) is their reason for leaving their current or last job. We advise regularly on CV writing to our job seekers and this is an area we cannot emphasise enough. It is essential on … Continue reading

Our National Recruitment Federation

It has come to our attention in recent times that not enough Candidates (Job seekers) or Clients (Companies recruiting) are aware of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) in Ireland The NRF is our only governing body for Recruitment in Ireland. They are there purely to assist in all matters concerning … Continue reading

3 Hospitals responsible for longest waiting lists in Ireland

There are 3 main Hospitals responsible for the longest Surgical waiting lists in Ireland. Approx 50% of all patients waiting over a year for surgery are under the care of – Tallaght Hospital Temple St Children’s Hospital Midland Regional, Tullamore This is in accordance with the latest figures from the … Continue reading

Doctor Doctor!

To continue our ‘Doctor Doctor’ theme in to the Bank Holiday Weekend –   Patient – ‘Doctor Doctor, I feel like a furniture removal van’!   Doctor – ‘Come in and take a seat’!