Hay fever……go away………..!

Today saw grass pollen levels reach very high levels for the first time this year. So how can you help reduce those symptoms? 1.Start taking your hay fever remedies before the pollen starts to appear. Taking action now can help prevent your symptoms developing. The best preventative medicines depend on … Continue reading

Letter from HSE requesting a stop on Locum Doctor Recruitment

Hospitals across the country have received a letter from the HSE stipulating that they must stop recruiting locums to fill vacancies in emergency medicine, according to the Irish Medical News (IMN) However, a senior consultant in emergency medicine has questioned the HSE’s contention that the recent recruitment drive in India and Pakistan has “solved” the need for locum cover in emergency … Continue reading

Late nights are a ticking time bomb for Health

According to Irishhealth.com,  people who are often deprived of sleep or have disrupted sleep patterns may be at an increased risk of suffering serious health problems, including heart attacks and stroke, new evidence suggests. Today’s economy has significant stress, loss of jobs, financial difficulty and this will have an effect … Continue reading

Scarlet Fever is lurking………..

With the schools now back a few weeks and changes in weather, the usual bugs are circling our children – one of note – Scarlet Fever – has been mentioned surprisingly often. What is Scarlet Fever? Scarlet fever is a condition in which a distinct rash develops. It is caused … Continue reading

Dublin Dental Hospital getting tough!

The Dublin Dental Hospital are clamping down on patients who do not turn up for their appointments. Thousands of patients failed to attend last year without notifying the Hospital. Over 23,000 failed to attend in the last 3 years. This leaves a Dental Nurse and Dental Student with nothing to … Continue reading

St Lukes Next?

Is St Lukes next on the chopping board for Mary Harney? It seems this is where she has her eye. It has been reported that the cancer facility will be kept on as a terminally ill care centre as opposed to being “sold off”. Operations will be split between St … Continue reading