A surge in Medical Device Sales jobs available

We have seen an increase in demand for experienced Medical Device Sales Representatives in Ireland. In particular for the Hospital Theatre market. There are exciting developments and Product Launches in the pipeline and Medical Device Companies are now seeking experienced Medical Device Sales Reps to help with their Product launches … Continue reading

The history of the Vibrator – A Medical Device?

The history of the Vibrator is indeed a very old and interesting one! There is a section in the London Science Museum especially dedicated which shows over 40 types of vibrators from the late 1800′s to the early 1900′s! The Vibrator has also recently been brought to stage Productions of … Continue reading

Medical Sales’ busiest sectors

Medical Sales’ busiest sectors currently remain within Orthopaedics and Wound Care. There is alot of activity and competition within Orthopaedics, Wound Management, Wound Care and Mobility Aid Companies which is creating jobs. This is very good news for the Medical Sales sector. Medical Sales Reps particularly sought currently are those … Continue reading