Women using less reliable contraception due to Recession!

According to the Irish Family Planning Association’s (IFPA) Annual Report 2010, women are using less reliable forms of contraception. The report states that women are choosing less reliable but more expensive contraception methods eg the pill as they cannot afford the initial outlay for more effective long term contraception. According … Continue reading

It’s goodbye to our Health Minister

According to IrishHealth.com, Mary Harney has brought to an end nearly six-and-a half-years as Health Minister with the announcement of her resignation from the Cabinet. She offered her resignation to the Taoiseach, which has been accepted, and has announced she will not be standing in the forthcoming general election. It … Continue reading

Medical Card Online

Medical Card Online! It seems the HSE have finally come into the technological world and start to use it to everyone’s advantage. With delays on everything HSE, between being inundated with applications from the unemployment line to disputes and strikes across the board, it seems everyone is waiting for something … Continue reading

HSE Job Cuts in 2009

In 2008 the HSE made cuts that saved them €280 million.  The effects on the people working on the ground were certainly felt.  The prospect of job cuts was particularly frightening for a population that had become very used to the Celtic Tiger.  Pharmacist had a lucky reprieve after the … Continue reading