Pharmacists and Drug Safety

Phamacists and Drug safety officers are in increasing demand with Irish Companies. A number of new Irish start up companies which are introducing ground breaking drugs to the market require phamacovigilence. This is an essential component and a legal imperitive companies are required to ensure during  the introduction period of  new drug / product development cycle and … Continue reading

The Importance of Time keeping…

Time and good  time keeping is crucial! In todays employment market where being on time and meeting people who have even less time than you is a trait not to be underestimated or undervalued. Your next prospective employer  may decide on meeting you again at second interview purely on the basis of your ability to meet … Continue reading

Grab your job with both hands!

Hi guys, We are getting calls every day currently from people who are trying to change jobs or change career and our advice right now as employment is so insecure, whatever job you have right now, grab it with both hands! This is not the time to change career direction … Continue reading