Job seekers you are being examined by Recruiters on Social Media

Reference-checking in the tech-savvy age goes beyond a few phone calls to listed numbers on a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and includes a sweep of candidates’ online presence, a survey conducted by sales and marketing recruitment consultancy Sales Placement suggests. The survey questioned 70 employers of sales and marketing professionals in … Continue reading

Marketing Yourself – Brand “You”

The jobs market is a tough place.  How are you branding yourself?  What is your marketing strategy for brand “you”? With increased competition for decreased numbers of jobs, what are you doing to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Jackie Brown was just another name until Quentin Tarantino directed … Continue reading

Referees and References

Referees and references should  be considered as vital a part of your CV as your CV content and layout after all its little point in going to the trouble of producing a wonderfully laid out CV without  having consideration of  the reliability and effectiveness of your references. One should always … Continue reading

Facebook is taking up more space

Facebook is taking up more space at the docklands as news comes of a further 70 jobs being created in the social networking sites head quarters based in the heart of the Dublin Docklands. These badley needed new jobs are being created in engineering, sales and  finance and are further testament … Continue reading

Social Networks V Job Boards

Irish recruitment agencies today are going through an evolutionary period where the next logical choice step in sourcing and contacting candidates is being made. The choice of whether to use job boards or social network sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook  or Twitter is becoming distinctly clearer. Recently a number of … Continue reading