Our Student Nurses – easy targets for the Government?

Student nurses are threatening to take industrial action in protest at Government moves to cut their pay. The student nurses’ pay is to be cut and eventually phased out. Students currently get 80% of the minimum rate staff nurse salary during a nine-month placement in hospitals. Under the pay cut … Continue reading

Disability Nursing Anyone?

Everyday at Jackie Brown Medical we get different jobs in ranging from Nurses to Medical Sales Rep to Medical Device Engineering. Today’s hot job is in Nursing – Disability Nursing anyone? We are looking for Senior Staff Nurses for a Care Centre in the Co. Galway region. Nurses must have … Continue reading

Nursing jobs in abundance

We have a number of Nursing jobs currently on offer. This is good news at a time when there is a general slow down and an air of doom and gloom. There are still Nursing opportunities out there, you just have to look and become flexible. Long gone is the … Continue reading