What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?!

What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?! In a nutshell – the Recruitment Process There are about 20 stages within this process, but we will outline the main ones. The aim of the Recruitment Process is to ensure the existence of the best possible pool of suitable qualified applicants from … Continue reading

Look after your Mental Health

  Roughly 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year and women are more likely to have been treated for a mental health problem than men. With the current economic climate causing all sorts of stresses and strains it is more important … Continue reading

Calling all our Medical Job Seekers

As you are currently in the Medical jobs market in Ireland, it is very important you are aware of the Recruitment ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines This is to ensure if you are using a Recruitment Agency that you are being treated in the most professional manner and being correctly represented using … Continue reading

Jackie Brown Medical are nominated 3 times!

  Jackie Brown Medical were nominated 3 times on the Annual National Recruitment Federation Awards Ceremony last Friday @ the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. The 3 nominations were – Agency of the Year Best in Sector – Medical and Healthcare Best Online Service for our fantastic new website and online presence. … Continue reading

Jackie Brown Medical launches new website!

We have just celebrated our 4th Birthday @ Jackie Brown Medical and have given the Business a Birthday present of a fresh and fabulous new website which it deserved! We now have movement, interraction and life on our site. We have a Social Media aspect We have used our job … Continue reading

Jackie Brown becomes a Fellow

We are delighted to congratulate Jackie Brown on being awarded Fellowship of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) She has also recently successfully completed the only Recruitment Practice qualification in Ireland – The NRF Cert in Recruitment Practice. She is currently one of the only people in Ireland with these 2 … Continue reading

What motivates a Company to choose a Recruitment Agency?

What motivates a company to choose a Recruitment Agency? Some might consider cost should be the single prime decider. However, this is a questionable basis for making an important decision; ask yourself, how safe would you feel if you chose cheap tyres for your family car! Therefore client companies tend to consider more than the simple cost of provision of … Continue reading

Swine Flu Vaccination for Santa!

Santa has made a good case for being classed as a priority for swine flu vaccination. He cited the fact that he comes into close contact with millions of children in the run up to Christmas in grottos all over the world, and added that he personally handles all the … Continue reading