What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?!

What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?! In a nutshell – the Recruitment Process There are about 20 stages within this process, but we will outline the main ones. The aim of the Recruitment Process is to ensure the existence of the best possible pool of suitable qualified applicants from … Continue reading

Calling all our Medical Job Seekers

As you are currently in the Medical jobs market in Ireland, it is very important you are aware of the Recruitment ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines This is to ensure if you are using a Recruitment Agency that you are being treated in the most professional manner and being correctly represented using … Continue reading

Be Prepared

Be Prepared! The single most fatal error when going to an interview is lack of preparation. When attending an interview you must always prepare for all eventualities. For example, if you are a Medical Sales Rep and going for a Medical Sales job interview and you are required to do a … Continue reading

Nail that Interview

When coming to the end of your interview, it is vital that you come out of there knowing exactly where you stand. Nail that interview! See it as closing a sale What happens now? Where do I stand? Will there be a second interview? Will you call me or do … Continue reading

Suits you Sir!

Suits you Sir! Just as we wear different clothes to suit an occasion, when looking for a job it is sometimes worth considering these CV tips to suit each prospective employer or position you are applying for and to present your best assets accordingly. Consider your skills, your experience and more importantly- you! … Continue reading

Read the requirements for a job before applying

It is always worth reading the essential requirements for a job before applying. All too often, CV’s are being sent to us by people totally unsuitable for the jobs they are applying for. There are a number of reasons for this – Careless Rushed Poor attention to detail Desperate This … Continue reading

What motivates a Company to choose a Recruitment Agency?

What motivates a company to choose a Recruitment Agency? Some might consider cost should be the single prime decider. However, this is a questionable basis for making an important decision; ask yourself, how safe would you feel if you chose cheap tyres for your family car! Therefore client companies tend to consider more than the simple cost of provision of … Continue reading

Fail to Prepare-Prepare to Fail

A maxim oft quoted in management texts and tutorials which is as succinct as it is true to life.  It is a consideration that all those attending an interview must keep at the forefront of their mind whether they are applying for a technician or senior manager’s role. The applicant must at all … Continue reading