Water Water everywhere but no one wants to drink

Water Water everywhere but no one  prepared to drink According to a survey carried out in March this year  Irish people are still not drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. 1,000 adults were surveyed and results published in Irish health.com. Consultant Dietitian Sarah Keogh said that older people … Continue reading

An Aspirin A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Low-dose (75mg) aspirin is already recommended for people with known cardiovascular disease to prevent stroke and heart attack. But can an aspirin a day keep the Doctor away? There is new evidence to suggest that taking an aspirin a day may also prevent and possibly treat cancer. And aspirin appears … Continue reading

Look after your Mental Health

  Roughly 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year and women are more likely to have been treated for a mental health problem than men. With the current economic climate causing all sorts of stresses and strains it is more important … Continue reading

Should we weigh our school children?

Have we got to the stage where we weigh our school children. The importance of the right diet and good nutrition and encouraging healthy eating habits from an early age is imperative in combating Ireland’s growing obesity epidemic. Most childhood obesity is caused by simply eating too much and not … Continue reading

Exercise – the only way to go!

  Exercise – the only way to go! Described recently as a “wonder drug”, I think it is something we all know at the back of our heads!   UK Cancer Support Group Macmillan, are supporting the idea that those who are recovering from cancer should be prescribed an exercise … Continue reading

Late nights are a ticking time bomb for Health

According to Irishhealth.com,  people who are often deprived of sleep or have disrupted sleep patterns may be at an increased risk of suffering serious health problems, including heart attacks and stroke, new evidence suggests. Today’s economy has significant stress, loss of jobs, financial difficulty and this will have an effect … Continue reading

Putting our Clocks back this weekend not good for our Health

A UK Expert, Dr Mayer Hillman of the Policies Studies Institute in London has said not putting our clocks back this weekend and still putting them forward next Spring would be a simple way to vastly improve our wellbeing and health. As this would increase our outdoor accessibility in terms … Continue reading

Dublin Dental Hospital getting tough!

The Dublin Dental Hospital are clamping down on patients who do not turn up for their appointments. Thousands of patients failed to attend last year without notifying the Hospital. Over 23,000 failed to attend in the last 3 years. This leaves a Dental Nurse and Dental Student with nothing to … Continue reading