One rule for the rich and another for the poor in Healthcare

  GP’s are frustrated and concerned over the recent report from Irish Cancer Society that confirms  there is one rule for the rich and another for the poor when it comes to getting critical cancer screening tests. If you can afford private medical insurance you can have an MRI within … Continue reading

Should we weigh our school children?

Have we got to the stage where we weigh our school children. The importance of the right diet and good nutrition and encouraging healthy eating habits from an early age is imperative in combating Ireland’s growing obesity epidemic. Most childhood obesity is caused by simply eating too much and not … Continue reading

€10 million pharmaceutical price reduction planned

The Department of Health is currently in negotiations with the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Ireland (APMI) to deliver price reductions on generic medications to the tune of about €10 million in a full year, Irish Medical Times reports.  New measures aimed at achieving further reductions in pharmaceutical expenditure envisage … Continue reading

Fine Gael to end Hospital Consultant massive earnings

According to the, Fine Gael’s health spokesperson Dr James Reilly has warned that massive earnings by some hospital consultants would end under the party’s universal health insurance (UHI) plan. Under both Fine Gael and Labour’s health service plans, everyone in the population would be insured for the same level … Continue reading

Choose Wisely with your Sales Career!

Choose wisely when it comes to applying for jobs in these times. With dole queues out the door and numbers of unemployment rising, it is understandable that getting back to work is the ultimate goal. But be careful what you send your CV forward for as it may prove fruitless. Choose … Continue reading

Primary Care Centre for Greystones

Following an agreement between GPs in the Greystones Medical Centre, the HSE and Meret Healthcare, Greystones has been approved for a new Primary Care Centre. Meret Healthcare are to develop this state of the art centre. The aim of this Primary Care Centre is to provide healthcare and social care … Continue reading

The GP-Pharma Rep Relationship is changing…

In a recent survey conducted by MSD Ireland, it was found that many GP’s would like to see a change in how pharmaceutical companies deliver information to doctors. Some doctors also mentioned their increasing workload and their difficulty in finding time to meet a Pharma Rep. Some GP’s felt that … Continue reading