Who and what on earth are the NRF?

Who and what on earth are the NRF? And what is the Code of Conduct and what has it to do with you? It doesn’t matter what type job you are looking for ie: Medical Jobs, Nursing Jobs – you want the Recruitment Agency you use to conduct themselves in … Continue reading

A New Order

A New Order seems to have decended on the Irish employment front with salaries being one of the most obvious signs that things have changed in Ireland and that the Celtic Tiger is becoming more and more of a distant memory. The New Order today for job applicants requires greater … Continue reading

Facing the future with ease….

I was at the NRF (National Recruitment Federation) Annual Conference last Thursday 23d April in Citywest Hotel and I learned a lot of things. First and foremost, the Conference was all about positivity and the title of their Conference ‘Facing the future with ease’ demonstrated this. There was an air … Continue reading

The luck of the Irish Employer!….

The Employee Employer relationship has come full circle. I remember only a year ago where it was all about Employee’s rights and Employee fair practice in the workplace. It was the rule of thumb to get your salary increase and annual bonus. It was commonplace to air any grievances you … Continue reading