Who and what on earth are the NRF?

Who and what on earth are the NRF? And what is the Code of Conduct and what has it to do with you? It doesn’t matter what type job you are looking for ie: Medical Jobs, Nursing Jobs – you want the Recruitment Agency you use to conduct themselves in … Continue reading

The Right Job

Applying for the right job is paramount in this day and age. It is an employer’s market right now so your application success depends on a variety of moves. A few tips to point you in the right direction! The Application Make sure you quote the job reference yes, but … Continue reading

Less Haste- More Speed

Less haste-more speed as the saying goes. I recently received over a dozen CV’s from candidates applying for jobs that they were quiet obviously not qualified to do, both in terms of experience and qualifications. After the tenth CV I became slightly paranoid and read my job descriptions again and … Continue reading

The Importance of Time keeping…

Time and good  time keeping is crucial! In todays employment market where being on time and meeting people who have even less time than you is a trait not to be underestimated or undervalued. Your next prospective employer  may decide on meeting you again at second interview purely on the basis of your ability to meet … Continue reading

Holding hands with the jobseeker…..

I was talking to a Medical Sales Candidate of mine who has recently attended interviews with three Medical companies. I asked him how he got on and he told me the following: 1) the first Medical company who brought him back for second interview told him that he was too … Continue reading

The luck of the Irish Employer!….

The Employee Employer relationship has come full circle. I remember only a year ago where it was all about Employee’s rights and Employee fair practice in the workplace. It was the rule of thumb to get your salary increase and annual bonus. It was commonplace to air any grievances you … Continue reading