Who and what on earth are the NRF?

Who and what on earth are the NRF? And what is the Code of Conduct and what has it to do with you? It doesn’t matter what type job you are looking for ie: Medical Jobs, Nursing Jobs – you want the Recruitment Agency you use to conduct themselves in … Continue reading

Medical Card Online

Medical Card Online! It seems the HSE have finally come into the technological world and start to use it to everyone’s advantage. With delays on everything HSE, between being inundated with applications from the unemployment line to disputes and strikes across the board, it seems everyone is waiting for something … Continue reading

Hold on, we’re in for a rollercoaster ride….!

As a kid, I used to love FunFairs and particularly the roller coaster. Today, as an adult, if you asked me to go on one, I would pass out with nerves as I don’t have the stomach for it. But everyday that  Employees go into work , they are on … Continue reading