2020 and the impact of cloud computing

Your “own” desk as an employee could soon become a thing of the past by 2020. Citrix is a market-leading cloud, networking and virtualization technology company. They have conducted a global survey predicting that European office workers/staff will use on average five connected devices during the working day by 2020 … Continue reading

The Importance of Time keeping…

Time and good  time keeping is crucial! In todays employment market where being on time and meeting people who have even less time than you is a trait not to be underestimated or undervalued. Your next prospective employer  may decide on meeting you again at second interview purely on the basis of your ability to meet … Continue reading

The luck of the Irish Employer!….

The Employee Employer relationship has come full circle. I remember only a year ago where it was all about Employee’s rights and Employee fair practice in the workplace. It was the rule of thumb to get your salary increase and annual bonus. It was commonplace to air any grievances you … Continue reading