Good news for Medical Fact finding on Google

Google to put accurate medical facts into its search results Search giant Google said it is changing how it displays medical search queries and will now put fact-checked medical information into its Knowledge Graph. According to Google, one in every 20 searches is health-related. The new medical information will underpin … Continue reading

A serious warning for Irish men’s health and what you can do about it….

In an article written in the Irish Independents, Lifestyle magazine the National Men’s Health Policy 2008-2013 shows that men have a lower life expectancy than women and are more likely to die from the major causes of death in Ireland, says Muiris FitzGerald. Here are 10 tips to help Irish … Continue reading

Women using less reliable contraception due to Recession!

According to the Irish Family Planning Association’s (IFPA) Annual Report 2010, women are using less reliable forms of contraception. The report states that women are choosing less reliable but more expensive contraception methods eg the pill as they cannot afford the initial outlay for more effective long term contraception. According … Continue reading

CAO points for Medicine are up again

                      According to the Irish Medical Times, the points requirement for undergraduate medicine is up again, following the recent initial round of Central Applications Office offers for third-level courses.  Trinity is up 10 to 741, the RCSI is also up 10 to … Continue reading

Trust me – I am a Doctor………

Doctors are the most trusted profession in Ireland, according to a new survey. The survey, carried out by Millward Browne Lansdowne on behalf of the regulatory body, the Medical Council, showed that 88% of adults trusted doctors to tell them the truth. After doctors, the most trusted professions were teachers, … Continue reading

Fine Gael to end Hospital Consultant massive earnings

According to the, Fine Gael’s health spokesperson Dr James Reilly has warned that massive earnings by some hospital consultants would end under the party’s universal health insurance (UHI) plan. Under both Fine Gael and Labour’s health service plans, everyone in the population would be insured for the same level … Continue reading

Medical Card Online

Medical Card Online! It seems the HSE have finally come into the technological world and start to use it to everyone’s advantage. With delays on everything HSE, between being inundated with applications from the unemployment line to disputes and strikes across the board, it seems everyone is waiting for something … Continue reading

New Maternity Hospital

A new Maternity Hospital planned for Sandyford has finally received approval for planning permission. The new state of the art maternity hospital will be in Sandyford and will exist for women and children’s hospital needs. It will hold 127 single patient rooms with the divisions being paediatric, maternity and gynaecolgy … Continue reading