Our National Recruitment Federation

It has come to our attention in recent times that not enough Candidates (Job seekers) or Clients (Companies recruiting) are aware of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) in Ireland The NRF is our only governing body for Recruitment in Ireland. They are there purely to assist in all matters concerning … Continue reading

Follow the money!

Follow the money! A maxim often quoted in recruitment when looking for the areas of activity where recruitment is taking place. At present it certainly appears that the medical device manufacturing industry is ploughing ahead in new Research and Investment Projects across Ireland. Where as the beleagured construction industry is … Continue reading

R&D at UCD

The preeminence of R&D at UCD is very much in evidence and globally renown. Despite the shortcomings of the current government and its recent track record on the economy, its long term investment  strategy in relation to R&D appears to be on target. €14.8m is being invested over the next five years … Continue reading

Facing the future with ease….

I was at the NRF (National Recruitment Federation) Annual Conference last Thursday 23d April in Citywest Hotel and I learned a lot of things. First and foremost, the Conference was all about positivity and the title of their Conference ‘Facing the future with ease’ demonstrated this. There was an air … Continue reading

Job seekers are suffering

Good evening I have recently undertaken a survey on over 1000 job seekers recently in the jobs market here in Ireland to find out how they are feeling and how they are being treated by their Recruitment Agencies. The results have been disappointing from a Recruitment Agency point of view … Continue reading