Poor job – Poor health

Being in a badly paid job with little or no support can be as bad for your mental health as having no job at all, the results of a new study indicate. (IrishHealth.com) According to Australian researchers, because being in work is associated with better mental health than unemployment, government … Continue reading

Suspended for Posting Pictures on Facebook

In Scotland a nurse has been suspended for posting pictures of patients during operations on facebook. The location of the pictures was identified by a NHS logo in the background.¬† Social Media is great, and I know that the last post here was about marketing yourself and showing that you … Continue reading

The Recession bites the dust for some….

A Medical Sales Candidate of ours who has recently been made redundant, had a very pleasant experience today. He got two job offers from two excellent companies! Like anyone¬†else who loses their job, he was in fear of his mortgage and could not predict how long it would take to … Continue reading