Where are all our Midwives gone?

A major survey of staffing levels in Ireland’s maternity hospitals has identified a ‘critical shortage’ of midwives. According to the findings from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), no maternity hospital or unit in the country has the internationally recommended midwife-to-birth ratio of 1:29.5 births. The ratio currently varies … Continue reading

Think twice before ordering that Chinese take away this weekend….

Human tooth found in Chinese takeaway A dirty finger nail in baby food and a human tooth in a Chinese takeaway are just some of the foreign objects found in food purchased by Irish consumers last year.(Irishhealth.com) According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), the contamination of food … Continue reading

Neknominations – a sick social media game

We have all heard about Neknominations in the last few weeks It is a word we were not familiar with a month ago, now, sadly, as a result of tragic deaths, it is a word we are all familiar with for the wrong reasons This highlights the power of Social … Continue reading

Too many couples are receiving unnecessary IVF Treatment

A recent study has found that too many couples are being given unnecessary IVF (In Vetro Fertilisation) TreatmentIVF to help couples to have children is being increasingly employed on “weak” grounds, while children born through it are at higher risk of health problems, new research warns. The study, which was written … Continue reading

Thinking about working as a Doctor in Ireland?

If you are thinking about working as a Doctor in Ireland, you will need to note the following changes taking effect from 2014 –   ARRANGEMENTS FOR NON-EEA DOCTORS WORKING IN THE STATE COMMENCING 1 JANUARY 2014     1. Employment Permit requirement – from 1 March 2014   From … Continue reading

Biopharma giant Regeneron invests €300m in Limerick

Limerick is to receive 300 highly skilled jobs by 2016 after biopharma giant Regeneron Pharmaceuticals this morning revealed a US$300m investment for a manufacturing facility on an 11.88-hectare site previously owned by Dell at Raheen Business Park. Subject to planning approval from the local authority, the company expects to employ … Continue reading

Our sick children left waiting years for Medical care

    Our sick children are left waiting years for Medical Care – Thousands of sick children are waiting between one and four years or more to see a consultant in public outpatients at Dublin’s two largest children’s hospitals.     The numbers include many children with heart, brain, ENT, … Continue reading