Irish Hospital Consultants under scrutiny

The RTE reported this week that patient safety may be compromised in public hospitals because of the appointment of doctors without specialist training to consultant positions.The Irish Hospital Consultants Association has criticised the practice saying quality of care is being affected. The HSE has confirmed that 128 doctors who are … Continue reading

Mammography Service and jobs in Ireland

Mammography Service and jobs in Ireland BreastCheck is a Government-funded National Breast  Screening  programme that provides free mammograms to eligible women  every two years, in a place as close as possible geographically to them . This is made possible by having Mobile Units around the country to complement the main … Continue reading

Good news for Medical Fact finding on Google

Google to put accurate medical facts into its search results Search giant Google said it is changing how it displays medical search queries and will now put fact-checked medical information into its Knowledge Graph. According to Google, one in every 20 searches is health-related. The new medical information will underpin … Continue reading

Thinking about working as a Doctor in Ireland?

If you are thinking about working as a Doctor in Ireland, you will need to note the following changes taking effect from 2014 –   ARRANGEMENTS FOR NON-EEA DOCTORS WORKING IN THE STATE COMMENCING 1 JANUARY 2014     1. Employment Permit requirement – from 1 March 2014   From … Continue reading

Shocking statistics on child sex abuse in Ireland

Under 13s most vulnerable to sex assault by male family member according to a report on child survivors of sexual violence which details shocking facts about child sex abuse in Ireland. (RCNI) The report, Hearing Child Survivors of Sexual Violence: Towards a National Response, is launched by Minister Frances Fitzgerald  and provides … Continue reading

Putting the health of our Doctors and Patients at risk

A worrying report in the Independent today reveals how a junior Doctor regularly works 30-hour shifts, forcing her to choose between sleeping and eating afterwards. Dr Libby Ennis (28), a senior house officer in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, has recorded a stark and revealing audio diary which highlights how exhausted junior doctors are left … Continue reading

New guidelines for drivers with serious medical conditions

DRIVERS with serious medical conditions including heart problems, epilepsy, depression and cancer face being put off the road for six months or more until their illness is treated. There are new medical guidelines that state in particular cases they are not to drive until their doctor is happy that their … Continue reading

Keep your smile healthy – have you a dread of going to the Dentist?

Dental health

Are you afraid to visit the dentist? Most of us dread a visit to the dentist but it is very important to go for regular check ups to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Catching the problems early means a much easier procedure and prevents a considerable degree of pain … Continue reading