Assertive Job Seekers get pay off!

For any job seekers out there, we have some recent evidence of persistence paying off! Assertive job seekers are getting their pay off. Job seekers are a vulnerable group as it is a worrying time for anyone, either you have recently lost a job or are not happy in your … Continue reading

Choose Wisely with your Sales Career!

Choose wisely when it comes to applying for jobs in these times. With dole queues out the door and numbers of unemployment rising, it is understandable that getting back to work is the ultimate goal. But be careful what you send your CV forward for as it may prove fruitless. Choose … Continue reading

A New Order

A New Order seems to have decended on the Irish employment front with salaries being one of the most obvious signs that things have changed in Ireland and that the Celtic Tiger is becoming more and more of a distant memory. The New Order today for job applicants requires greater … Continue reading

Marketing Yourself – Brand “You”

The jobs market is a tough place.  How are you branding yourself?  What is your marketing strategy for brand “you”? With increased competition for decreased numbers of jobs, what are you doing to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Jackie Brown was just another name until Quentin Tarantino directed … Continue reading

The importance of ‘Time out’

It’s Friday and the weekend is near – a psychological avantage for those in the Corporate sector – but do remember, no matter how fast your fast lane is, do not underestimate the important of ‘Time out’. Time out is something we do little of these days as the economic … Continue reading

Grab your job with both hands!

Hi guys, We are getting calls every day currently from people who are trying to change jobs or change career and our advice right now as employment is so insecure, whatever job you have right now, grab it with both hands! This is not the time to change career direction … Continue reading