€1.9m fund for research in immunology and rare diseases

€1.9m fund for 5 Irish researchers to develop research in immunology and rare diseases funded by the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This SFI- Pfizer Biotherapeutics Innovation Award programme will be awarded to five researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, NUI Maynooth, Trinity College … Continue reading

Less Healthy Diets for our Irish Men

Less Healthy Diets for our Irish Men New report has found that Irish men are less aware of healthy eating guidelines and consume less healthy foods with larger portion sizes that Irish women. This puts Irish men at a disadvantage in relation to their health. Men prefer more salt and … Continue reading

Our economy is hammering our Charities

Reviews by the Revenue Commissioners show most charities lost their tax exemption status had ceased activity, failed to respond to queries or did not fulfil the terms required for tax exemptions. According to the Irish Times, Carl O’Brien reports that many charities have ceased activity or failed to fulfil terms … Continue reading

Why is it that more men than women snore and is it bad for your health?

Why is it that more men than women snore and is it bad for your health? What is snoring? Snoring is noisy breathing which happens when we sleep. Four in ten men snore with only three out of ten women and is the cause of many a sleepness night. There … Continue reading

The ‘healthy option’ – is it just an excuse to overeat?

Products and foods marketed as low fat or healthy are viewed by consumers as an excuse to overeat. How our portion sizes have changed from 20 years ago. Research conducted by the all-Ireland nutritional awareness body Safefood  have found that Irish people eat up to a staggering 71% more than … Continue reading

Viagra sales hit an all time record in Ireland of €3.5m

Also the cost for prescribing the drug which is used to treat erectile dysfunction has broken a record at more than €3.5m a year which does not include the cost of the dispensing fees paid to pharmacists. There has been an escalation in the cost of treating erectile dysfunction through … Continue reading

1st for Ireland’s health as nearly 4,000 lives have been saved since the smoking ban started in 2004

Health Minister Micheál Martin (at the time) introduced the no smoking ban in the workplace and Ireland was the first country in the world to do this. The ban commenced on the 29th March, 2004 and included restaurants, bars and pubs. A study that started immediately after the ban was … Continue reading

Medical Council has concerns but private maternity hospital refutes them

Hospital says, Mount Carmel places “paramount importance on patient safety”. Mount Carmel based in South Dublin has written to the Medical Council rebuffing their worries with regards to a fitness-to-practice inquiry about surgical practices there. Dr Patrick Gerard Rafferty who is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at both Mount Carmel … Continue reading