Colour changing condoms

Teens develop concept for condoms to detect STIs A group of 13 and 14-year-old students from Isaac Newton Academy in England scooped the top health innovation prize in London’s TeenTech Awards for their idea for a condom that changes colour if a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is detected. S.T.EYE – … Continue reading

Skinny jeans- bad for your legs?

If you need to carry out a task that involves lots of squatting, do not wear skinny jeans, doctors have advised. They have found that squatting in this type of clothing for long periods of time may damage muscle and nerve fibres in the legs. Writing in the Journal of … Continue reading

Elder Abuse Service receiving increased referrals

Almost 2,600 referrals were made to the HSE’s Elder Abuse Service last year. This is the highest number of referrals received by the service since its establishment in 2007. According to the HSE’s 2014 review of the service, a total of 2,592 referrals were made last year, a 5% increase … Continue reading

Ovarian tissue transplant results in healthy baby born

A woman in her 20s has given birth to a healthy baby boy after doctors restored her fertility by transplanting ovarian tissue that had been removed while she was still a child. According to doctors, there have previously been reports of women going on to have babies after ovarian transplantation, however … Continue reading

Most popular baby names 2014

Over 67,000 births were registered in Ireland in 2014, with Jack and Emily continuing to be the most popular baby names. According to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), a total of 67,462 births were registered last year – 34,785 boys and 32,677 girls. While this is … Continue reading

Care of the Elderly

With the advances in medicine and health awareness there is an increase in the number of elderly in Ireland. The elderly can be a vulnerable group not unlike children. The importance to look after and have the best care available for our ever growing elderly population should be our priority. With old age inevitable for … Continue reading

Malaria vaccine

A vaccine for malaria, which was developed by Irish and UK scientists, has undergone its first human trials. Malaria is a tropical disease that is usually transmitted following a bite from an infected mosquito. According to the World Health Organisation, around 207 million cases of the disease occurred in 2012 … Continue reading

Suicide calls to Childline

More than 300 children who were at urgent risk of suicide called Childline last year, the ISPCC has revealed. The children’s charity, which runs the Childline service, said that over 1,000 children made contact last year about issues relating to suicide and of these, over 300 ‘had already acted on … Continue reading