Toilet App- Pooductive

There’s an app to help those on the toilet connect with other people in the same position, because social media. Three-quarters of us  use our phone when we’re on the toilet – which is nuts. Over half of us look up our emails when we’re on the toilet – which … Continue reading

Colour changing condoms

Teens develop concept for condoms to detect STIs A group of 13 and 14-year-old students from Isaac Newton Academy in England scooped the top health innovation prize in London’s TeenTech Awards for their idea for a condom that changes colour if a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is detected. S.T.EYE – … Continue reading

A new study says – ditch the bra – they are not good for your health

We are told over and over again to make sure we are wearing a correctly fitted bra to make the most of our assets and challenge gravity – but are they good for us? The latest research has said that bras are of no help in supporting a woman’s breasts … Continue reading

Health Minister gets stuck in lift – should have used the stairs – it’s also better for your health!

The Minister for Health, James Reilly got stuck in a lift as he was getting shown around the Phoenix Care Centre in Grangegorman, North Dublin, the country’s newest psychiatric hospital. The hospital which cost €22 million will replace the macabre St Brendan’s Hospital which was built in the early 19th … Continue reading

Tis the season to be jolly!!!

Christmas Dinner

Stay stress free and healthy this Christmas. Not always easy to stay stress free at Christmas but here are a few ways that may help. Advance planning Definitely not what we want to think about at this time of year but heart-attacks peak during the holiday season. Too much booze, … Continue reading

Don’t forget your Pumpkin for Halloween!

Don’t forget your Pumpkin for Halloween! Have you ever wondered why we use Pumpkins at Halloween? Well according to legend over 700,000 immigrants went to America during the Potato Famine and they brought with them the tradition o f the Jack O Lanterns. The Jack O lanterns were originally made … Continue reading

What makes yawning contagious?

Ever wondered what makes yawning contagious? Yawing is an involuntary action. We start before we are born and most creatures on the planet do it – even fish and snakes. We yawn more on hot days so new research has suggested that rather than being a sign of sleep, the … Continue reading

Grin And Bear It: Its Good For You!

We smile when we feel good but can it work the other way round? Research has found that smiling really does help reduce stress and boost the health of the heart. A study from the University of Kansas in Psychological Science, a journal for the Association for Psychological Science explored … Continue reading