Hay fever……go away………..!

Today saw grass pollen levels reach very high levels for the first time this year. So how can you help reduce those symptoms? 1.Start taking your hay fever remedies before the pollen starts to appear. Taking action now can help prevent your symptoms developing. The best preventative medicines depend on … Continue reading

Do not drive unless you have to

  Do not drive unless you have to. Irish weather is causing havoc – to businesses, children off school and driving. Some road safety tips according to IrishHealth.com – Road Safety: The Gardai are urging people to leave their cars behind and travel by public transport where possible. If you have to … Continue reading

Putting our Clocks back this weekend not good for our Health

A UK Expert, Dr Mayer Hillman of the Policies Studies Institute in London has said not putting our clocks back this weekend and still putting them forward next Spring would be a simple way to vastly improve our wellbeing and health. As this would increase our outdoor accessibility in terms … Continue reading

Scarlet Fever is lurking………..

With the schools now back a few weeks and changes in weather, the usual bugs are circling our children – one of note – Scarlet Fever – has been mentioned surprisingly often. What is Scarlet Fever? Scarlet fever is a condition in which a distinct rash develops. It is caused … Continue reading