Suits you Sir!

Suits you Sir! Just as we wear different clothes to suit an occasion, when looking for a job it is sometimes worth considering these CV tips to suit each prospective employer or position you are applying for and to present your best assets accordingly. Consider your skills, your experience and more importantly- you! … Continue reading

In the current economic climate

In the current economic climate we find that employers have the pick of the crop when it comes to choosing candidates for their resourcing requirements.  Not in decades has there been such an opportunity for Irish employers to choose from such a wide range of superbly qualified candidates with such excellent experience … Continue reading

Bank on It

Banking on it, the banking industry in Ireland today is suffering with almost 800 jobs are going in Bank of Scotland, Ireland/ Hallifax. Today people are looking elsewhere for employment prospects that offer security and good salaries. Currently those conditions only appear to exist in either the public sector at senior clerical … Continue reading

A New Order

A New Order seems to have decended on the Irish employment front with salaries being one of the most obvious signs that things have changed in Ireland and that the Celtic Tiger is becoming more and more of a distant memory. The New Order today for job applicants requires greater … Continue reading

Less Haste- More Speed

Less haste-more speed as the saying goes. I recently received over a dozen CV’s from candidates applying for jobs that they were quiet obviously not qualified to do, both in terms of experience and qualifications. After the tenth CV I became slightly paranoid and read my job descriptions again and … Continue reading

Pharmacists and Drug Safety

Phamacists and Drug safety officers are in increasing demand with Irish Companies. A number of new Irish start up companies which are introducing ground breaking drugs to the market require phamacovigilence. This is an essential component and a legal imperitive companies are required to ensure during  the introduction period of  new drug / product development cycle and … Continue reading

It pays to be nice!

It pays to be nice! Simple manners go a long way when dealing with people you meet in recruitment. How often have you found yourself in a situation where you helped a person not seeking a reward but for the simple pleasure of  being nice or to help a person out of … Continue reading