Take a wander for your health.

Take a wander for your health.

New research has found that taking a wander from your desk every half hour is more important in combating diabetes than working out at the gym.

Work station

The academics at Leicester University have found there are dangers of sitting still for long periods of time even if you take regular exercise.

Cutting the sitting time by 90 minutes a day had important health benefits when this was tested out by the researchers on 900 patients.

They studied and evaluated the amount of time people spent sitting and how often they got up and also the amount of moderate to vigorous exercise they took.

These results were then tested as to how much they were related to the levels of blood sugar and “good” cholesterol which can be used to discover the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Whilst it is of course beneficial to take exercise as this does give a lower risk of developing diabetes, it was discovered that reducing the amount of time spent sitting was more important.

“These studies provide preliminary evidence that sedentary behaviour may be a more effective way to target the prevention of Type 2 diabetes, rather than just solely focusing on moderate-to-vigorous physical activity” said Joseph Henson who is in the university’s Diabetes Research Unit.

Going for a wander

The Department of Health’s recommended exercise guidelines advise that people exercise moderately or vigorously – which means building up a sweat – for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five times a week.

So, take a wander for your health.

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