Medical Council has concerns but private maternity hospital refutes them

Hospital says, Mount Carmel places “paramount importance on patient safety”.

Baby - maternity hospital medial doctor

Mount Carmel based in South Dublin has written to the Medical Council rebuffing their worries with regards to a fitness-to-practice inquiry about surgical practices there.

Dr Patrick Gerard Rafferty who is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at both Mount Carmel and Landscape Clinic has been found guilty of five allegations of professional misconduct.

Dr Danny O’Hare, who is the chairman of the inquiry committee, said there were concerns about Dr Rafferty preforming surgery without making sure there was another surgeon or surgical nurse present.

“If that practise had been in place in Mount Carmel at the time and if it were to continue in Mount Carmel then any surgeon observing that protocol would be putting patients in danger,” Mr O’Hare said.

Dr Julian Dockeray, clinical director of women and children’s health at the hospital said he rejected “in the clearest possible terms”, any suggestion that “surgical procedure practices at Mount Carmel are not undertaken to the highest possible standards”.

“It is Mount Carmel Hospital protocol that a minimum six medical and nursing professionals, including a consultant surgeon, a consultant anaesthetist, four trained theatre nurses and a minimum of one theatre assistant are present at each surgical procedure,” he said.

Dr Dockeray also said that all the surgeons working at Mount Carmel had to comply with the Royal College of Surgeons standards and that the hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International which is an organisation that oversees standards in health care.

Mount Carmel currently treats 40,000 patients per year and said it places “paramount importance on patient safety” and “maintaining the trust and confidence of the patients” it serves.

“It is deeply regrettable that any negative implication concerning our surgical practices may have arisen at this inquiry,” said Dr Dockeray.



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