A new study says – ditch the bra – they are not good for your health

We are told over and over again to make sure we are wearing a correctly fitted bra to make the most of our assets and challenge gravity – but are they good for us?

The bra

The latest research has said that bras are of no help in supporting a woman’s breasts and may possibly be doing harm rather than good.

A study conducted in France has declared that breasts get no benefits from wearing supportive bras and we would do just as well not wearing one.

Human hand holding pink bra

Besancon University’s Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon has studied the anatomy of 330 women for 15 years and has concluded that wearing a bra is a “false necessity”.

The studies show that the women who did not wear a bra had firmer breasts that did not sag as much and were no more prone to back pain.

Pretty bras

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity,” he said.

Professor Rouillon has said that breasts become dependent on lingerie and the support it gives once you start wearing it. This in turn leads to the supporting muscles being underused and therefore degrading more quickly.

However he advises that women who have used bras for years should not stop using them.

So maybe all those years ago when women tied their bras to the railings, it was a good idea for a number of reasons…….

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