12 essential speaking skills every candidate/jobseeker should have

12 essential speaking skills every candidate/jobseeker should have.

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) has been sent out and you have been called to interview. This is your chance to sell yourself verbally and let your interviewer or interviewers know you are the right person for the job.

They will note everything you say and take in your appearance and mannerisms.

Know your CV inside out – you will be talking about your career and work history and why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Presentation at interview

12 essential speaking skills every candidate/jobseeker should have:

  1. Know your topic – Do the research to enable you to communicate your message.
  2. Focus – Hold your audience’s attention – use humour and stories that help connect to the main idea. Points told in a story are easier to remember.
  3. Use logical organisation – if your presentation is well organised it can taken in with minimal effort.
  4. Intonation, pace, tone and volume are vital – a monotone voice will put your audience asleep.
  5. Open strongly and finish even more strongly – your audience will remember your first and last words.
  6. Use quotations, statistics and facts – use them to compliment your concepts and ideas.
  7. Connect and interact with your audience – eye contact is essential – ask questions and listen to the answers
  8. Evaluate your audience – convey the information and message they need to hear.
  9. Work within the time allocated – customise your presentation to fit the time allowed.
  10. Have confidence and composure – not always easy to attain but the audience will sense it.
  11. If the interview allows have a question and answer session and use this to portray yourself as the expert and not just a speaker.
  12. Cope with unexpected issues efficiently – unforeseen problems may arise – the projector may not work – have a plan to deal with any situation that may come about.

Making a presentation

The only thing left to do is to wish you “good luck”.

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