Women and work – Get the balance right

Women and work – get the balance right.

Studies have shown that whilst women want to feel successful at work, money is not the most important issue – they want a work-life balance and turn down positions that could negatively impact on this.

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A report carried out by Defining Success did an online survey which included a minimum of 100 business executives and professionals from Ireland.

The results from the Irish respondents showed that 58pc of women and 64pc of men thought you could “have your cake and eat it” in relation to a successful career and family. But globally only 50pc think you can have it all, just not at the same time.

Getting the right work-life balance is not easy but is very important. Money is defined as success by 44pc of professional Irish women but 70pc believe it’s a work-life balance. 64pc of men perceived the money and work-life balance as equal in terms of success.

Paula Neary the managing director for the health and public service for Accenture Ireland said, “Over the course of their careers, professionals will continue to define and redefine what success looks like. For many, career goals and personal priorities will take precedence at different times. As today’s professionals strive to find the right balance, leading companies will find innovative ways to help them develop, grow and thrive.”

However, money is still very important as 70pc of Irish women consider that more money would make them feel more successful in their careers.

Of the 50pc who asked for a pay rise, 75pc were successful which is heartening for those who are currently disgruntled at work. The main reason for being discontented at work is the feeling of being undervalued and underpaid.

women and work

A high majority of women – 76pc deem it vital to feel valued and work done well to be rewarded as this creates a happy work atmosphere and environment. If work goes unnoticed it is the greatest factor to creating a negative work environment.

The most important thing related to career development and encouraging employees to further their careers was a job that really makes a difference.

Women and work – get the balance right.

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