Mater Hospital new A&E department now open

The new unrecognisable A&E department in the Mater Hospital is now ready to begin emergency medical treatment.

The casualty department is now bright and airy with high-tech up-to-the-minute facilities – a radical transformation from the old unit.

A & E

The feared waiting times should improve with the new medical equipment and better services in the new waiting sections say the nursing staff.

“We’ve been looking forward to this moment for decades,” said emergency medicine consultant John McInerney.

“The resuscitation areas are three times bigger. All the extra space and facilities will mean people are no longer all cramped up together,” said Dr McInerney.

“Some people who tend to become agitated or aggressive in confined conditions will be calmer and less aggressive in the new surroundings.

“Intoxicated people have caused problems in A&Es but the extra space will mean they can be separated from others in a better way.

“Elderly patients will be less frightened and the noise levels will be a lot less,” said the casualty consultant.

Chris Roche, clinical nursing manager said: “The protection of the dignity of patients will be improved greatly as we now have the space to give them much more privacy.”

There are now five treatment bays for trauma, stroke, cardiac and other emergencies which is an increase from three.

Other treatment bays have been increased from thirteen to twenty six bays.

With 440 new spaces even finding a parking space should be easier.

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