More tips for keeping fit and healthy in 2013

More tips for keeping fit and healthy in 2013

As we head into another New Year and vow to get fit and loose the extra pounds we gained over the Christmas festivities, a little word of caution.

Exercise is of course always encouraged but be careful not to injure yourself with over zealous exercise programmes.

Dr Geoff Hayhurst, an osteopath from Northern Ireland has done research into Omega fish oils and explains why he feels these oils play an important part in keeping healthy while exercising.

He says, “Many people in Ireland start an exercise program or take up a new sport at this time to help meet weight loss goals, however their efforts can end up doing more harm than good.”
“Diving straight into a strenuous exercise program may seem the right thing to do but if you overdo it and injure yourself then you are more likely to develop stumbling blocks on your journey towards your healthier lifestyle.”

Dr Hayhurst explains, “Overtraining occurs when the body is not given sufficient time to recover and recuperate which causes increased stress and promotes the proliferation of free radicals and inflammatory reactions in the muscle tissue, which causes pain. Research has also shown that starting even moderately intensive training has the same impact on the muscles resulting in an increased risk of injury and inflammation.

“You can help protect your body from the effects of overtraining by increasing your intake of stabilised omega fatty acids. In particular omega 3 which naturally reduces inflammation in the body, a major cause of aches, pains and injury, and helps improve joint suppleness as well as speeding up healing which aids recovery.

“The essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 (found in marine and plant oils) when combined also help support heart and lung function, protect against unnecessary aggravation of injuries by keeping joints lubricated, prevent muscle breakdown, enhance and improve mental focus, boost immunity, promote the combustion of fats to supply more energy, which in turn increases stamina and helps aid weight loss.

“The best time to start increasing your omega intake is at the start of a new fitness program or indeed the beginning of a sporting season, when muscles and joints are not quite as supple and strong. You can do this by adapting your diet to include more oily fish for example mackerel or you can take a high quality nutritional supplement.”

Take care of yourself and

  • Set out  a realistic  exercise plan for yourself
  • Give yourself a specific goal
  • Do an exercise you enjoy – keeping fit should be fun!
  • Slowly build up the intensity of your exercise program
  • Make sure your exercise program includes the whole body rather than just certain parts as this will reduce the risk of overuse injuries
  • Make your exercise program varied and interesting
  • Stretch before and after your exercise program
  • Include rest days which will help your body be ready for the next exercise session
  • Include essential fatty acids in your diet by eating 3/4 portions of oily fish or by taking  an omega oil supplement
  • Include family or friends as this will encourage you to keep up your excercise program

And of course – most importantly enjoy!

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