Do your homework before your medical job interview

Do your homework before your medical job interview

It doesn’t matter what role or position you are applying for, research the company before you go into a job interview. Use the internet to gain information and data that will improve your answers.

Find out the relevant details:

  • The company’s goals/missions

Your prospective employer’s website is a mind of information and a great place to see the company as it wants to be seen. Check out the About Us page. Look at how the medical job you want correlates to their goal/mission. Think about how your medical experience and background are of benefit to support company goals.

  • Latest company achievements

Look for a news page or you can do a web search for news about the company. The fact that you have read and researched their company website will prove your interest in the company and its success.

  • Your interviewers

Search the website for names of your interviewers you’ll be meeting. You may also do a general search or a search on LinkedIn for some more background information. This may give you some common ground or a recent professional achievement for which you can pay a compliment.

If you are going to be dealing with a specific medical product, know the product inside out and its medical competitors – do your research.

This will enable you to

  • Fully demonstrate your enthusiasm for the career field and the medical organisation
  • You will be able to articulate how your skills, knowledge and values match those of the organisation and industry
  • You can decide if this is an organisation to which you would want to dedicate the next few years of your medical working life

You can never know too much about an organisation. Interviewers are always impressed when you have conducted your research thoroughly and can ask informed, intelligent questions about the organisation and the job.

Good Luck!




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