Drying your clothes indoors could be a risk to your health

Drying your clothes indoors could be a risk to your health.

Many of us due to time restraints, apartment living, restrictions and of course our wonderful climate, dry our clothes indoors.

But according to research carried out by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU) at the Glasgow School of Art these practices could result in economic problems.

One third of the moisture in your home comes from hanging washing on clothes horses and radiators.

The outcome of this moisture is an increase in the mould spores and dust mites which cause asthma.

Colin Porteous, a professor at MEARU, said: “Because of increased awareness of the energy consumption of tumble dryers many people are choosing to dry clothes passively within their home.

“This results not only in a severe energy penalty, because of increased heating demand, but also a potential health risk due to higher moisture levels.

“Minor changes to the wording of the regulations would have multiple beneficial consequences. Our research gives strong justification for the changes both in terms of health and wellbeing, and associated economic impacts.

“It is our hope that current statutory and advisory standards will be modified to take them on board ensuring a healthy and economically sustainable living environment.”

This also has an impact on the way we choose to build or renovate our homes as we now construct airtight houses and smaller dwellings which increases the moisture build-up.

The suggestion is if we do choose to dry our clothes indoors try to use a well ventilated room.

Maybe drying areas should be part of the design for new properties in the future.

As drying your clothes indoors could be a risk to your health.


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