Who and what on earth are the NRF?

Who and what on earth are the NRF?

And what is the Code of Conduct and what has it to do with you?

It doesn’t matter what type job you are looking for ie: Medical Jobs, Nursing Jobs – you want the Recruitment Agency you use to conduct themselves in a professional and honest manner.

Read on to find out the main points for the Code of Conduct…….

The NRF (National Recruitment Federation) is a voluntary organisation set up to uphold and sustain standards and codes of practice for the recruitment industry and agencies in Ireland.

The NRF only permits membership to organisations that meet criteria of excellence and who agree to abide by the NRF Code of Conduct.

1.       Candidate Management/Confidentiality

Candidates must be interviewed by the agency either face to face or by telephone and treated in a respectful way at all times.

Under no circumstances can a candidate be bullied by a member agency.

Candidates must be given all the particulars for any job that the recruitment agency intends to put them forward for and the candidate must give their permission before details are sent to a prospective employer. The recruitment agency must also find out if they have been approached by another recruitment agency about the same job.

The candidate must be informed and give their permission when references are looked for.

All information must be kept confidential and only used for recruitment.

2.       Contract/Temporary Candidates

Complete conditions of employment, full job description and payment details must be provided before the appointment to temporary employment.

Tax refunds, payments, benefits and tax certificates must be given without delay to temporary employees when due.

3.       Client Management

Full details of fees, expenses and Terms and Conditions of Business (must be given in writing) before progressing with a job.

Under no circumstances can employees be “poached” without express consent of the employer

Information gained must be kept confidential and safeguarded in relation to the client’s business and must only be used for candidate selection and recruitment for that client.

4.       Advertising Jobs

Only genuine authorised jobs/positions may be advertised by the recruitment agency.

So they are the main points of the Code of Conduct!


And as you can see it plays a vital role regulating the Recruitment Industry.

Which is much better for you!

Happy Job Hunting!




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