Buying drugs “online” can kill you

Buying drugs “online” can kill you.

The Irish Independent has reported that a young woman developed a life threating illness after she bought illegal weight loss pills online.

The 18 year old bought the illegal herbal slimming agent, Botanical Soft Gel as she wanted to “tone up” before going on a holiday with her friends.

But after 5 days of taking the diet pills she developed lower abdonminal pain and diarrhoea.

She was taken to Beaumont Hospital where she had to undergo surgery to have her colon removed.

The results showed she had acute ischaemic colitis which generally occurs in elderly patients.

This condition is a sudden swelling of the large intestine which occurs because of reduced blood supply to the colon causing injury and inflammation.

This condition can worsen leading to critical illness and even death.

A study carried out by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) revealed a high dose of sibutramine in the pills which is a medicine only available by prescription and was used to help weight loss in obese adults.

But this drug was banned globally and in Ireland in 2010 because of the higher risk of stroke and heart attacks.

The IMB told the Irish Independent it has not found the precise source of the product but they do not think it came from the EU.

The IMB has stated that “Because the manufacture of these products is unregulated and does not comply with EU and Irish standards, there is absolutely no way for consumers to know what is actually in the products or what other substances they may contain.”

“There can be no guarantees as to the safety, quality or effectiveness of these products.”

This highlights the danger of purchasing drugs over the internet.

So please be aware and remember buying drugs “online” can kill you.


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