How do you spell your name?

QWERTY keyboard.Do you use more of the keys on the right hand side or the left hand side of the keyboard?

The results could affect how people respond to your name.

New research has suggested that people have warmer feelings towards words that use more of the letters on the right hand side of a QWERTY keyboard which is the most common keyboard layout and is named after the first six keys in the top row of letters.

Research conducted in the journal, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review has reported that words inclined towards the left of the keyboard are viewed as more negative.

With everyday typing and texting now common, the researchers’ findings suggest that how we produce words influences how we feel about them.

Researchers Kyle Jasmin of University College London and Daniel Casasanto of the New School for Social Research in New York ran a series of experiments asking volunteers to rate their positive and negative feelings regarding English, Dutch and Spanish words.

The result found that no matter the language and no matter whether the volunteer was right or left-handed, people had more positive feelings about words that mainly involved right-side keyboard letters.

This may stem from the fact that the left hand is responsible for 15 letters on the QWERTY keyboard while the right hand only has 11.

That might mean that right-keyboard words are easier to type and giving a more positive feeling to the typist.

So could this change the way we brand and name new products and companies, as they contemplate the possible advantages of consulting their keyboards.

Which leaves one question remaining – how do you spell your name?


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