What annoys Candidates most about job descriptions

What annoys Candidates most about job descriptions

Poorly written job descriptions can put the jobseeker/applicant off applying for the job.

So, clear, concise and accurate job descriptions won’t lead you to missing out on great applicants and jobseekers missing out on great jobs!

Some of the things that annoy Candidates most about job descriptions:

1.      Bad Job Titles

Nurse Advisor or In House Company Doctor are clear job titles and are titles people will search under. Research has found that 64% of people would not apply for a job if they don’t understand the title.

2.      Spelling Mistakes

Attention to detail can not be stressed enough. There is no excuse for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, we all have spellcheck on our computers/laptops. If the job title is incorrectly spelt how will anyone find the job? Some astonishing examples have been found on job descriptions such as:

“Someone capable of ruining an office”

“Secatorial job”

“Resauce Manager”

“Leed Engineer”

“Purrchaysing Officer”

3.      Clichés and buzz words in Job Descriptions

“Hit the ground running”, “self-starter”, “go the extra mile”, “take the ball and run with it” and “in the loop” are some examples of the buzz words and clichés used in job descriptions which are a real turn-off to applicants reading the job ads.

4.      Pointless Waffle

57% of surveyed people said pointless waffle in job ads put them off applying for the role. Keep to the point!

5.      Unclear skills and requirements

The skills and requirements in the job description should be clear and succinct. A prospective applicant should be able to ascertain very quickly whether they have the necessary skills and requirements for the job.

So come on, lets put a stop to this – what annoys candidates most about job descriptions.

Write clear, interesting job descriptions that a busy candidate can skim quickly and make a decision about.

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