How To Beat The 3 O’clock Slump

The 3 O'clock SlumpIt’s a couple of hours after lunch and you can feel the energy draining, how can you beat the 3 o’clock slump?

Don’t head for the coffee jar and chocolate bar – here’s a few healthy snacks that will give you a boost without adding on the pounds.

  • A piece of fruit and some natural yoghurt
  • A piece of fresh fruit and a palm full of nuts or seeds
  • Hummus on a few Oatcakes or with some chopped raw carrot/celery.
  • Anything Avocado
  • Cheese on a couple of high fibre crackers – full of protein and calcium
  • Oatcakes with nut butter – try almond or cashew nut butter – so delicious and satisfying!

If you absolutely have to have a sweet treat, try dark chocolate or a nut bar – these are a slightly healthier option for a sweet treat.

You will be surprised what a difference these little changes can make so you can beat the 3 o’clock slump. You will have more drive and energy throughout the day, with no need for a snooze!

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